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Forfatter:  La Mouche [ 13.02.2018 13:25:31 ]
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La Mouche skrev:


"How to Read Nancy is the best book ever written about comics. No question. Besides using a single 1959 Nancy strip to demonstrate all of the formal properties of the medium in an unprecedented fashion, Paul Karasik and Mark Newgarden manage to take that same comic and map a huge artistic / professional /industrial/ historical story about comics.

This story includes: How a gag might have a history unto itself; how a teenage apprentice could become a giant of the medium; how the damn comics were actually printed; how arbitrarily they could be published; and casual-seeming dives into cartoonists-gone-Hollywood, particular studio building, and even a now-obscure New York paper. I don’t think there’s another book that covers all of those facets, all of which are integral to the comics of the 20th century and few of which have been told."

Nu i denne husholdning! Stor flot bog, lækkert design, mange illustrationer.... mange Nancy striber bagi i appendixet.


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