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 Titel: The Home Current: Another Way Of Falling Apart - LP out soon
Indlæg: 06.03.2018 17:46:42 

Tilmeldt: 11.08.2008 12:56:31
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Blot et lille heads up for mit kommende album paa Polytechnic Youth.

The Home Current: Another Way Of Falling Apart
Polytechnic Youth - PY57
Edition of 300, vinyl only.

Following recent output that included the annual release from 2015 to 2017 of sell-out limited singles on Polytechnic Youth , The Home Current has finally channeled a full album through this bounteous and blossoming imprint for select experimental and DIY electronic music.

Another Way of Falling Apart, despite its logically-limited pressing quantity, aims to find a wider audience for singular music adorer, Martin Jensen, a cosmopolitan Copenhagen-born artist whose music follows an emotional route that meanders back ultimately to analogue and electronica inspirations of myriad treasurable kinds. This incursion into LP territory follows a decade or more of Jensen's passionate engagement with music as the creative behind singles also on Static Caravan, and as the co-founder of the label Second Language (until 2014), for which he was the wings behind the celebrated Music and Migration series in support of BirdLife International. He has also remixed Colleen, Dollboy, and Ellis Island Sound.

Jensen's journeys into sound and harmonious living, which have recently taken him from a London to a Brexit-rejecting Luxembourg home setting, are fuelled by his happy addiction to record acquiring (an almost pathological corollary of his now +25 years of deejaying), his net thrown weekly into the waters of disco, electro, jazz, soundtrack, and global beats and textures from any city, desert oasis, or tribal trail, a knowledge that decants through his processing into the flavours of these ten instrumental pieces as likely to take you into dystopian industrial darkness as a field full of cyber fireflies...and both simultaneously. This is home territory for a committed and expert birder who joyfully connects as much with the planet in bijou record stores or when trying to sight great grey owls or azure-winged magpies in remote country locations.

Hence, a subliminal feminine aura on this debut work, and an existential stance that aims not to trouble but to thrill and stir, to convey the beauty that happens when Jensen exposes the substratal adrenalinic tide rocking his angst and calms it with with balsamic polyphony and poignant melody. Across ten tracks that begin with A Gathering Silence and end, appropriately a little closer to heaven, with Rooftop Nights, mercurial soundscapes feature subtle references to past musical trends defined by sound and rhythmic energy; his past, our past. Through a sophisticated shuffling of planes he creates space for dark and light tone colour, brooding synth couches, faraway themes, and euphoric builds, a full scope of arthouse cinema ambiences and new-wave and pre-techno tensions.

It seems appropriate that the launch of an album into a marketplace experiencing hitherto-unknown levels of eclecticism should carry the hopes and signature of someone who turns the curation of an unlimited palette of sonic proposals into such a labour of love. Enjoy!

Side A:
1. A Gathering Silence (4:08)
2. Fellow Sleepers (3:34)
3. The Fossil Sunset (4:11)
4. What Remains (3:19)
5. The Devil Finds Things For Idle Minds To Dwell On (5:50)

Side B:
1. You Were Right About The Stars (4:22)
2. Yesterday's Ghost (3:55)
3. Tales Of A Tribe (3:47)
4. Cloud Visitors (3:48)
5. Rooftop Nights (2:12)

 Titel: Re: The Home Current: Another Way Of Falling Apart - LP out
Indlæg: 20.03.2018 18:28:09 

Tilmeldt: 11.08.2008 12:56:31
Indlæg: 414
Kan nu bestilles fra Polytechnic Youth's Facebook side: https://www.facebook.com/polytechnicyouth/

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