The Monoliths

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Re: The Monoliths

#21 Post by aleceiffel » 02.12.2013 10:26:54

Den er rimelig gud.

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Re: The Monoliths

#22 Post by Jess Franco » 03.12.2013 11:06:35

Den er 100% godkendt, anmeldelse snart i devilution. Her er hvad de spillede, da Monoliths var forbi mit radio show i søndags:

The Monoliths - Big Dog
Medieval Steel - Battle Beyond The Stars
Three Stoned Men - Hey Brother Roll A Joint + Goin' Up The Country
Jan Toftlund - Skræp
The World Class Wrecking Crew - Surgery
Brownsville Station - Sleazy Louise
Butthole Surfers - Hurdy Gurdy Man
Dead Infection - After Accident
Sockeye - Buttfuck Your Own Face
The Monoliths - Kevin
Residents - Hey Good Looking
Membranes . Spike Milligans Taperecorder
Neil Young - Love to Burn
Slug Fuckers - Deaf Disco
Dead Milkmen - Bitchin' Camaro
Spaceman 3 - Marie Ann
The Monoliths - Pay Your Rent

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Re: The Monoliths

#23 Post by mcebber » 23.03.2014 17:44:00

Anmeldelse fra Terminal Boredom:

The Monoliths "Kevin" 7"
A pretty weird record from Denmark that has some sort of association with Angkor Wrack. These dudes look like total dirtbags on the cover. The drummer is named Colonel Dickhead. Okay, you guys got me interested. The A-side is two songs called "Kevin" and "Pay Your Rent", which I originally thought was just one song called "Kevin, Pay Your Rent", which would have seemed even more strange. The lyrics make no sense either way. "Kevin" has an oddly crunchy static-guitar tone that I like more than the song itself and "Pay Your Rent" is a depressed AmReppy sounding thing - not the greatest tunes but they at least sound weird. The B-Side is spectacular though. Guitarist James Deen Dragon (these names are great!) plays one long wah-wah solo for the duration of the tune while the rhythm section lays down a loopy cruise control backing track, giving the whole affair a swirling vortex effect that is ultra-hypnotic. Then the guitar turns into a giant mosquito that is buzzbombing your head and then there's a layer of explosion sound effects, whilst a fellow named P. Lizzard wails stream-of-consciousness lyrics in accented English, and it's all just very psychedelic and reminds of something the Anal Babes might have done. High marks there, I know, but I like this song a lot. That the insert has a picture of two dogs fucking says a lot about where these creeps heads are at. Pretty dumb. I think Ken Rock will like these guys. If they have more songs like the B-Side I will like them more as well, but for now it could just be an anomaly. (RK)

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Re: The Monoliths

#24 Post by Pete Rock » 24.03.2014 01:14:41

Jeg kan vildt godt lide den EP. Det var bare det jeg ville sige, hej!
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Re: The Monoliths

#25 Post by The Webmaster » 13.01.2015 00:40:49

Vi spiller på drone på torsdag

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Re: The Monoliths

#26 Post by mcebber » 17.03.2015 15:49:30

Når ja husk der er kommet et split bånd m Fright Eye på Webmaster Records. der er også kommet en split 7er med Angkor Wrack (på Webmaster, Mastermind og Cult Pump) Begge udgivelser burde, i København, ku købes i alle de fede butikker. Ellers skriv til
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og her:

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Re: The Monoliths

#27 Post by kokanin » 03.08.2017 14:58:58

The Monoliths - S/T LP ude den 11 august på Mastermindrec.
Giv den et lyt
Pre-order ... iths-st-lp
Mastermind Records

Ude snart
MRLP28 the Monoliths - S/T LP
MRLP29 0% - God Hates Young People LP
MRLP30 Magermayn - Fisse, Stoffer & Skruetrækker LP


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