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Night Shroud
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Salg af metal bånd og vinyl

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Forårs rengøring.
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Abysme "Demo" - Unholy Domain
Acid Hammer "s/t" - Satanic Victory
Alchemyst "Blood and ember" - Iron Bonehead (w. blood splatter /100)
Alchemyst "Nekromanteion" - Iron Bonehead
Anal Vomit "Into the eternal agony" - Austral Holocaust
Anatomia "Human lust" - band
Ancient Crypts "Devoured by serpents" - Iron Bonehead
Anguish "Hung rotten" - band MC 2012 (104/200)
Arkha Sva "Hymne" - Satanic Propaganda
Arkha Sva "Rekonquista" - Satanic Propaganda
Autopsy Torment/Devil Lee Rot "Headbangers In Italy 2003" split - Terror From Hell
Baphomet’s Blood "Blood vomit & Satan" - Black Vomit
Barbarikult "I kill from dark legions" - Heretic Death Call
Bastardator "Bastards of mayhem" - Harsh Brutal Cold (88/300)
Begrime Exemious "Demo 2006" (35/333)
Beyond "Relentless abomination vortex" - Detest
Black Citadel "Ancestral shadows" - Les Fleurs Du Mal (/150)
Black Citadel / Funeral Altar - Tour De Garde
Black Citadel / Order Of Darkness - Altare (33/66)
Black Feast "Worship of darkness" - band
Black Feast / Impurity - KVLT (159/250)
Black Grail "s/t" - band
Black Jesus "Black Jesus saves"
Bloody Vengeance "In conspiracy with death" - Kuravilu/Pagan South
Brulvahnato "Frozen obscene deliverance" - Underground Soundscapes Box
Byyrth "Saviors of armageddon" - Les Fleurs du Mal
Cadaveric Fumes "Macabre exaltation" - Impious Desecration
Catacumba "Birkat ha-minim - a benção dos hereges" - Black Vomit
Chapel "s/t" - band
Cirrhus "Demo 2008" - Klaxon
Clandestine Blaze ""Below the surface of cold earth" - Northern Heritage
Coprofagi "Demo II" - band
Craven Idol "Recrucify" - Starlight Temple Society (93/100)
Cryptborn "In the grasp of the starving dead" - Detest
Daemonic "Culmination (Into the great lament)" - Crypt Of Eternity
Darkness / Necroplasma - Ordo Obscuri Domini
Dawn Of Crucifixion "s/t" - band
Deathcult "The test of time" - Caligari
Deathhammer "Barbaric onslaught" - band
Deathhammer "Wrath of the Antichrist" - band
Deathless Bastards "s/t" - Impious Desecration
Deathly Scythe "…will of death!!" - band
Deathronation "A soul forsaken…" - band
Decapitation "Undead carnage" - Dark Descent/Skeleton Plague
Demonic Oath "Crypt of mournful summoning" - Impious Desecration
Demonic Rage "The anguish’s doomaelstrom" - Awakening
Demonic Rage "The occult formula to desecrate souls" - Heretic Death Call
Demonic Rage / Excoriate split - Rawblackult
Demonic War "Cristo rey decapitado" - band
Demonthrone "Angel slayer" - Deathrash Armageddon
Devil "Magister mundi xum" - Iron Bonehead
Doomslaughter "Downfall proclamator" - Iron Bonehead
Dwell "Ash tombs" - Deadbangers
Eaten Alive "Demo I" - Blood Harvest
Eggs Of Gomorrh "Rot prophet2 - Gravplass
Ensnared "s/t" - Nuclear Winter
Entrapment "Detest Records Promo Tape #3" - Detest (1st demo)
Entrapment "Infernal blasphemies" - Detest
Entrapment "Putrefying stench of death" - band (99/100)
Entrench "Trails of death" - Rites Of Violence
Erebus Enthroned / Nekros Manteia split - Winterreich
Excoriate / Demonic Rage split - Rawblackult
Execration "Putrid rehearsal of death" - Terrorghoul
Exorcised / Morbidity split - Unholy Domain
Festung "s/t" - band (40/100)
Floridian Winter / Night Falls Haunting split - Primal Vomit (73/150)
Fornication "Hell metal" - Skeleton Plague (21/200)
Funeral Altar "Black mark of the lost path" - Tour De Garde
Funeral Altar / Black Citadel split - Tour De Garde
För "Kundaz" - Ceremonial Void" (in cloth bag 5/50)
Ghoul "Into the crypts of the most blasphemous" - De Umbris (63/150)
Gladsheim "War wolf spirit" - Infernal Kommando
Goat Torment "Death worship" - Terrorghoul (/150)
Goat Tyrant "Necromantical curse" - band
Grave Ritual "s/t" Skeleton Plague
Hans S. Mantak "Vol. II" - Peach Pit
Hatespawn "Blasphemous redeemer" - Deathcult
Hatred "s/t" - Final Punishment
Hexenslaught "Demo 2016" - Invictus
Horns Of Domination "Demo 2015" - band
Horrendous "Sweet blasphemies" - Dark Descent/Skeleton Plague
Härsken "Hungry for poison" - Cranium Crush
Ice Dragon "The sorrowful sun" - band (in cloth bag w. patch + pin etc.)
Immortal Death "Vomit" - band
Impious Havoc "Monuments of suffering" - Meurtre Noir
Infernal Conjuration "Tremendous plague" - Gruft
Intemperator Stigmas of unspeakable appetites and carnal vocacity" - Me Saco Un Ojo
Intolerance "Hail the triumvirate!" - Iron Bonehead
Invocation War "Infinite power" - Witchhammer (043/150)
Invocator Weavers of apocalypse" - Black Mark
Iron Dogs "Ripping torment" - Cemetary Ashes (87/100)
Isabrut "s/t" - Iron Bonehead
Isten "Soham" - Black Warcult (/100)
K.L.L.K. "Between the first heliocentric wind and the great devourer of light" - Mithra! (47/50)
Kathgor "Descendants from the depths" - band (95/200)
Kratherion "Nuclear black mass of the goat radiations" - Lucifer Warlord (#11/66)
Kthoniik Cerviiks "Heptaedrone Iron Bonehead
L.C.F. "Demo I - The desolate one" - Versets Noirs (/50)
Lamentation "...and the nightmare continues" - Dybbuk
Lamentation "The vision reoccurs" - band (59/75)
Lampades "IX" - Nuclear War Now (w. patch)
Lampir "The alchemy of cursed blood" - Perverse Homage
Lampir / Witchmoon split - Black Gangrene/Perverse Homage
Lawless "Nite of the world" - Blood Divine (10/200)
Leather Glove "Demo" - Sentient Ruin
Lethal "Demolition" - Steelfire Invasion/Final Punishment
Lie In Ruins "Demons, rise!" - band
Malicious "Mental illness" - Me Saco Un Ojo
Maligner "Demon Blood" - Harvest
Malsanctum "Metamorbid fetishization" - Iron Bonehead
Manifesting "Primeval adulation" - Antitheist Disseminations
Mongrel’s Cross "s/t" - band
Monomakh "MMXII" - Rising Beast
Morbidity / Exorcised split - Unholy Domain
Morbus Chron "Splendour of disease" - Dibbuk
Naddred "Sluagh"
Naudiz "Aftur till ginnungagaps" - Heiden Hart/Bylec Tum
Nebulhaim "Twilight spell" - Ancient Spirit Terror
Necroccultus "Encircling the mysterious necrorevelation" - Terror From Hell
Necromaniac "Morbid metal" - Me Saco Un Ojo (white tape /20)
Necroplasma / Darkness split - Ordo Obscuri Domini
Necrostuprum "Aeons of witching madness"
Necrot "The Labyrinth" - Sentient Ruin Laboratories/Extremely Rotten
Necrovorous "Who will survive and what will be left of them?" - band
Necrowretch ""Necrollections" tape - Aural Offerings (054/100)
Necrowretch ""Rising from purulence" demo - Skeleton Plague/Adzove Vrbe (39/200)
Nekros Manteia "Disiecti membra poetae" - band
Nekros Manteia / Erebus Enthroned split - Winterreich
Nerlich "Innards " -Nihilistic Holocaust
Nertilith "From nothingness" - Emptiness
Neutron Hammer "Apokalyptik attakk" - Autumnae Distribution (107/200)
Nidhug "Døde mænds aske" demo
Night Falls Haunting "Demo 1" - Winterreich
Night Falls Haunting / Floridian Winter Primal Vomit (73/150)
Nocturnal Damnation "Desecration crucifixion perversion" - Silver Key
Nocturnal Vomit / Crucifire split - Grave Ritual
Nortt "Nattetale" demo
Ominous "Death….the beginning Impious Desecration
Order Of Darkness "Cosmic tyranny - Altare (33/66)
Order Of Darkness "s/t" - Tour De Garde
Order Of Darkness / Black Citadel split - Altare (33/66)
Ornias "Födelse" - Cursed Creation
Ovskum "Atto I - Atto II" - Insikt
Pa Vesh "En Dead womb" - Iron Bonehead
Pa Vesh "En Knife ritual" - Iron Bonehead
Pazuzelhomet "Sarcophagus of the lost cowlcult" - Phlegm
Possession "His greatest deceit" - Iron Bonehead
Predatory Light "Death essence" - band
Predatory Light "MMXIV" - band (87/100)
Predatory Light "s/t" - Psychic Violence
Prekurxor "When all light dissipates" - Halyu Hardcore
Profaner "Zombie curse" - Unholy Metal Pestilence Prokreations
Prosanctus Inferi "Sacreligious desecration in excelsis" - Intolerant
Psychomorphis "Amorphous chaos" - Ancient Darkness/Silver Key
Putrid "Demo MMX" - Detest
Putrid "Morbid awakening" - band
Reincarnage "Black vision" - Death Invocation
Reincarnage "s/t" - Death Invocation
Riddle Of Meandor "End of all life and creation" - Varjot Productions
Riddle Of Meandor "Orcus" - Croquemort Productions
Rotting, The "The dead won’t leave you alone" - Time Before Time
Rude "Remains…" - Headsplit
Ruins "Baptised in the name of Satan" - Rawblackult
Sauron "Thrash assault" - Harsh Brutal Cold
Seedsaw "And the singing larvae" - Black Bunker/Heidens Hart
Sempiternal Dusk "Demo 2012" - Parasitic
Sex Blasphemy "Scars of the offering" - Silver Key
Shackles "Coup de grace" - Beer In Your Ear
Självmord "Självhatets skönhet" - Forgotten Wisdom
Skáphe "s/t" - Fallen Empire Red tape /100)
Skáphe "s/t" - Mystískaos/Vánagandr
Skuggeheim "Vinterrikets konge" demo - Fossbrenna Creations
Slaughtbbath "Furious as the black flames of hell" - Kuravilú
Slaughtbbath / Vultur split - Kuravilú
SNMS "Demo 2009" - Witchhammer
Speedwolf "Bark at the poon" - Splattered!
Strange Facts In The Scalpel Case "Dead but not beyond reach" - Deadbangers
Sulphur Aeon "Sulphur psalms" - Imperium (99/100)
Terrorama "Crimes against humanity - Demo 2011" - Blazing Obscurity
Terrorama "Horrid efface" - Iron Fist Kommando
Tetragrammacide "Tetragrammacidal oration" - Black Goat Terrorist 666(66/200)
Ultimate Secretion "s/t" - band
Unhallowed Torment "s/t" - Time Before Time
Unru "Demo MMXIII" - Caligari
Utzalu "The loins of repentance" - Vrasubatlat
Vassafor "Demo II" - Drakkar
Veternus "Perpetual insanity" - band
Voids Of Vomit "Rehearsal vomit" - The Dwellers On The Treshold Creatins (13/100)
Vultur / Slaughtbbath split - Kuravilú
Våld "s/t" - band
War Master "Demo 2009" - Torture Garden Picture Company
Worms "s/t" - Till You Fukkin Bleed (/60)
Zarathustra "Black perverted aggression" - band
Zervm "Nihil morte certium" - band (64/150)
Zom "MMXI" - Invictus (red tape)
V/A Invocation Of Death vol. 1 Death Invocation


Abigail "Eastern force of evil" - Nuclear War Now
Abigail "Tribute To NME" - Nuclear War Now
Abigail / Nekromantheon - Speed n’ Spikes Vol. 3 - Relapse
Assaulter "Subservience" - Iron Bonehead
Assaulter / Trench Hell split - Iron Bonehead
Amour / Nocturnal split - Thrashing Rage
Anal Vomit "From Peruvian hell" - Legion Of Death
Ascended / Helcaraxë split - Regimental
Atomizer "Gimme natural selection" - Nihilist Void
Atomizer "Songs of slaughter - Songs of sacrifice" 2x7" - Hells Headbangers
Atomizer "Tyrus: The doom war of the armoured angel" - Soulseller
Atomizer / Root split - The Ajna Offensive
Attacker Bloody Axe "Triumph of the demon axe" - Iron Bonehead
Avenger Of Blood / Witchaven split - Speed n’ Spikes Vol. 5 - Relapse
Barbatos / Blüdwülf split - Hells Headbangers
Bastardator / Children Of Technology split - Black Shit Noise (red wax w. pin)
Beastcraft / Urgehal split - Black Seed Productions
Bestial Desecration "Soldiers of death" - band
Bestial Holocaust "Pacto con satan" - Necromancer
Bestial Holocaust "Primigenium invocation" - Terranis
Bestial Holocaust / Nuclear Desecration split - Crush Until Madness
Beyond "Enter transcendence" - Iron Bonehead
Binah "A triad of plagues" - Me Saco Un Ojo (purple wax)
Black Angel "Art and fire" - Legions Of Death
Black Angel "Reign of satan" picture disc - Necromancer
Black Serpent ”Nightpath watchtower" - Shadow Night
Bloodhammer "Monastery of thousand blackened lusts" - Norther Neritage
Bombs Of Hades / Usurpress split - Doomentia
Bone Sickness "s/t" - Detest
Borigor / Ceremonial Execution split - Erode
Burialkult "Evil antichrist hordes" - Blood Harvest
Catacumba / Grave Desecrator split - Necromancer
Ceremonial Execution / Borigor split - Erode
Ceremonial Execution "Black god rising" - Blood Harvest
Children Of Technology / Bastardator split - Black Shit Noise (red wax w. pin)
Christian Mistress "s/t" - Nasjonal
Clandestine Blaze "On the mission" - Northern Heritage
Claws "The funeral barge" - Doomentia (blue wax)
Crucified Mortals "Kill upon command" - Iron Bonehead
Death Skull "Blessed altar" - Iron Bonehead
Deathevokation / Graveyard split - Nuclear War Now (red wax /100)
Deathevokation / Lie In Ruins split - Imperium (green splatter /105)
Decrepitaph "Resurrected and rotting" - Doomentia
Decrepitaph / Father Befouled split - Archasm Releasing
Denouncement Pyre "Circle of the black flame" - Forgotten Wisdom Productions
Denouncement Pyre "Under the aegis of damnation" - Apocalyptor
Destruktor "Brutal desecration" - Decius Productions
Devil "The noble savage/Blood is boiling" -Soulseller
Devourment "Shallow grave Detest/Me Saco Un Ojo (test press)
Dewarsteiner / Necromessiah split - Crush Until Madness
Die Hard "Emmissaries of the reaper" - Anger Of Metal
Dissipation "s/t" - Satanic Skinhead
Early Man / Rammer - Speed n’ Spikes Vol. 4 - Relapse
Eaten Alive "Transfiguration of the macabre" - Psychedelic Lotus Order
Elite / Carbon split - Agonia
Empire Of Hate "Visions of a better time" - Klaxon
Encoffination "Seventh temple of laodicean scripture" - Blood Harvest
Encoffination "Temples descend below the earth Archasm Releasing (army green wax)
Envenom "Christfukk Iron Bonehead
Evil Angel / Spawn Of Satan split - Hells Headbangers
Ex Inferiis "Bitches from hell" - Morbid Kult
Ex Inferiis "Ngul a crist" - Nuclear War Now
Farscape / Sodomizer split - Iron Bonehead
Father Befouled / Decrepitaph split - Archasm Releasing
Flagelator / Ruins split - Deathrash Armageddon
Fōr / Sheol split - Iron Bonehead (marble wax /200)
Funeratus "Vision from hell" - Blood Harvest
Goat Semen / Levifer split - Legion Of Death (194/300)
Gouge "Doomed to death" - Hells Headbangers
Grave Desecrator "Cult of warfare and darkness" - Ketzer
Grave Desecrator "Primordial and repulsive" - Hells Headbangers (red wax /100)
Grave Desecrator / Catacumba split - Necromancer
Gravehammer "Ensnared in dismal blasphemies" - Detest (yellow cover /30)
Gravehammer "Ensnared in dismal blasphemies" - Detest
Graveyard / Deathevokation split - Nuclear War Now (red vinyl /100)
Grenade "Venom of god" - Decious Prodictions
Hadez "The path of…the Ossuary devilish possession" - Kill Yourself Productions
Helcaraxë / Ascended split - Regimental
Impure Worship "s/t" - band
Incarion "Unveil southeast" - Legion Of Death
Infernal Curse "Demented visions of darkness" - Chalice Of Blood Angel
Invocation War "Demonic onslaught" - Iron Bonehead
Istengoat "MMXII" - Blood Harvest
Krypts "s/t" - Me Saco Un Ojo/Detest (white wax /100)
Kulto Maldito "Alkohol y metal hasta sangrar" - Legion Of Death
Kulto Maldito "En la guerra kon El Diablo" - Chalice Of Blood Angel
Lampir "Beneath the flesh of dawn" - Black Gangrene
Lethal "Deliverance" - Blood Harvest
Levifer / Goat Semen split - Legion Of Death (194/300)
Lie In Ruins / Deathevokation split - Imperium
Malignant Asceticism "Ascensum serpens" - Blood Harvest
Master Of Cruelty "Depths of a cold abyss" - Legions Of Death (47/300)
Miasmal "s/t" - Detest/Me Saco Un Ojo (red wax)
Miasmal "s/t" - Detest/Me Saco Un Ojo (test press)
Morbid Gods "Festering corpse" - Blood Harvest
Morbid Gods "Rotten prophecies" - Temple Of Abomination
Morbosidad "Legiones bestiales" - Nuclear War Now
Mortician "Mortal massacre" - Relapse
Mr. Death "Unearthing" - Agonia
Naer Mataron "I am the light of the world" - W.T.C.
Nauseant "s/t" - No Posers Please
Necromessiah / Dewarsteiner split - Crush Until Madness
Necrosodomy "Eternal darkness" - Blood Harvest (/150)
Necrovorous "Crypt of unembalmed cadavers" - Blood Harvest
Nekromantheon / Abigail split - Speed n’ Spikes Vol. 3 - Relapse
Nifelheim / Sadistik Exekution split - Nuclear War Now
Nightside "Ad noctvm" - Northern Heritage
Nocturnal "Fire of revenge" - Bestial Onslaught
Nocturnal "Raging rehearsal" - Terranis
Nocturnal "Slaughter command" - Deathstrike
Nocturnal "Temples of sin" - Hells Headbangers
Nocturnal "Thrashraid over Bitterfeld" - Thrashing Rage
Nocturnal / Armour split - Thrashing Rage
Nocturnal / Nunslaughter split - Agonia
Nocturnal / Pagan Rites split - Hells Headbangers
Nominon / Sathanas split - Pagan
Northern Alliance "Death anthems for a world of shit" - Legion Of Death
Nuclear Desecration / Bestial Holocaust split - Crush Until Madness
Nun Slaughter "Cerebus" - Hells Headbangers
Nun Slaughter "Fuck the god in heaven" - Hells Headbangers (cross shaped wax)
Nun Slaughter "Hell on Belgium" - Menace To Sobriety
Nun Slaughter "Nordic Nightmare tour 2007" - Nun Slaughter
Nun Slaughter "Tasting the blood of your saviour...before his soul was impaled" - TPL
Nun Slaughter / Nocturnal split - Agonia
Obeisance "F.U.C.K. (forever unholy christian karnage)" - Gasmask Productions
Obeisance "Satanik shoktroops auf doom" - Iron Bonehead
Ovskum / Slowmantra split - Hearse
Pa Vesh En "A ghost" - Iron Bonehead
Pagan Rites / Nocturnal split - Hells Headbangers
Paganfire "Hate vanishing point" - Iron Bonehead
Pest "Belial's possessed wolves" - Northern Heritage
Possession "Anneliese" - Iron Bonehead/Invictus (red wax)
Prosanctus Inferi / Witch Tomb split - Hells Headbangers
Rademassaker / Bloody Sign split - Deathstrike
Rammer / Early Man split - Speed n’ Spikes Vol. 4 - Relapse
Recrucify "Awakening of the satan’s kommand" - Alucard
Repugnancia "Inminencia del fin" - Putrescense/Crypts Of Eternity Productions
Respawn The Plague "Gathering of the unholy ones" - Me Saco Un Ojo (green wax)
Ribspreader "Monolith" - Blood Harvest
Ribspreader "Vicar mortis" - Midnight 666
Ritual Torture "Void of chaos" - Blood Harvest
Ruins / Flagelator split - Deathrash Armageddon
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder / Absu split - Speed n’ Spikes Vol. 2 - Relapse
Sabbat "Hamaguri resurrection" - Assaulter Prod.
Sadiztik Impaler "Bestial christ fornication" - Terranis
Satanic Threat "In to hell" - Gloom/Hells Headbanger
Shackles "Inquisitors curse" - Beer In Your Ear
Sodomizer / Farscape split - Iron Bonehead
Sonne Adam "Armed with hammers" - Imperium
Spawn Of Satan / Evil split - Angel Hells Headbangers
Speedwolf "Denver666" - Splattered (white wax w. button + sticker)
Teitanfyre "Hymn to death" - Blood Harvest (One sided /150)
Throneum "Streams of aggression" - Deathstrike
Tiger Junkies "Sick of tiger" - band
Toxic Holocaust "Death master" - Gloom
Toxic Holocaust "Power from hell" - Iron Bonehead
Toxic Holocaust / Blüdwülf split - Speed n’ Spikes Vol. 1 - Relapse
Trench Hell "Alcoholic disaster" - Hells Headbangers
Trench Hell / Assaulter split - Iron Bonehead
Undead Creep "Enchantment from the haunted hills" - Blood Harvest
Usurpress / Bombs Of Hades split - Doomentia
Vallenfyre "Desecration" - Imperium Productions ( green wax /111)
Veternus "Awaken the grave" - Detest/Me Saco Un Ojo (red wax /100)
Veternus "Awaken the grave" - Detest/Me Saco Un Ojo (test press)
War Master "Thrones of tyranny" - Torture Garden Picture Company
War Ripper "Hell storm" - Hells Headbangers
Witch Tomb / Prosanctus Inferi Hells Headbangers
Witchburner "s/t" - Maniacal
Witchaven / Avenger of Blood - Speed n’ Spikes Vol. 5 - Relapse
Zarathustra "Nhilistic terror" - Satans Hammer
V/A - The Evil Conquest World - The First Possession - Demon’s Pride/Deathrash Armageddon/Necromancer/Infernal Blood

Anatomia "Shreds of putrefaction" - Nuclear War Now (green vinyl w. patch + sticker)
Blasphemophagher "Atomic infested carnage" - Nuclear War Now (red wax + sticker and patch /200)
Bombs Of Hades / Tormented split - War Anthems
Destruktor / Bestial Mockery split - Hells Headbangers
Devil "Magister mundi xum" - Soulseller
Disforterror "Impalement and holocaust stench" 10"/7" - Nuclear War Now (w. patch & sticker)
Elite "Kampen" 2x10" - Agonia
Erebus Enthroned / Blaze Of Perdition split - Pagan
Ice Dragon / Pilgrim split - Yersinia Pestis
Kill / Thornspawn split - Black Death Coven/Burning Churches
Necrovorous / Meathole Infection split - bands
Night In Gales "Sylphlike" - Deadly Art/MDD
Pagan Rites / Evil Wrath split - Nuclear War Now
Predatory Light "MMXIV" - Pesanta Urfolk
Ruins "Chambers of perversion" - Negative Existence
Rust "Bite of the grave" - Behind The Mirror
Thornspawn / Kill split - Burning Churches
Tormented / Bombs Of Hades split - War Anthems
Winter Funeral / Arkha Sva Zyklon-B
Zarathustra "Contempt" - Undercover

Abigail "Intercourse and lust" - Nuclear War Now
Abigail / Barbatos split - Bestial Onslaught
Abigail / Korihor split - Hells Headbangers
Abigail "Ultimate unholy death" LP/7" - Nuclear War Now (w. poster, patch, sticker /300)
Abyssal "Novit enim dominus qui sunt eius" DLP - Iron Bonehead
Acid Witch "Witchtanic hellucinations" - Acid Witch (green wax)
Adversarial "All idols fall before the hammer" - Blood Harvest
Adversarial "Death, endless nothing and the black knife of nihilism" - Dark Descent
Adversarial "Prophetic plain of abyssal revelation Dark Descent (white wax w. patch /100)
Altars ”Paramnesia Blood Harvest LP 2013 Australia
Anal Vomit "Demoniac flagellations" - From Beyond
Anal Vomit "Depravation" - Nuclear War Now (w. patch + sticker)
Anal Vomit / Goat Semen split DLP - Osmose
Anarchus / Monastery split - Slap A Ham
Anatomia "Dissected humanity" - Nuclear War Now (red wax w. patch + sticker)
Apocalyptic Raids "Only death is real…" - Dies Israe
Apocalyptic Raids "The return of the satanic rites" - Dark Sun
Apocalyptic Raids "The third storm - World War III" - Dark Sun
Ascended "Temple of dark offerings" - Detest/Iron Bonehead
Assault "Nuclear deaththrash" - Necromancer
Assaulter "Salvation like destruction" - High Roller/Iron Bonehead
Ataraxy "Curse of the requiem mass" - Me Saco Un Ojo/Detest
Atomizer ”Caustic music for the spiritually bankrupt" - Hells Headbangers (green vinyl w. patch + flyers 15/100)
Atomizer "The only weapon of choice" - The Ajna Offensive
Avenger Of Blood "Death brigade" - Heavy Artillery (platter vinyl w. beer koozy /200)
Baphomet’s Blood "Satanic metal attack" - Dies Irae
Baphomet’s Blood "Metal damnation" High Roller (blue/silver splatter wax)
Barbatos / Abigail split - Bestial Onslaught
Beastcraft "Dawn of the serpent - Folter
Beastcraft "Into the burning pit of hell" - Deprivation Chamber
Bestial Holocaust "Final extermination" - Crush Until Madness
Beyond "Fatal power of death" - Iron Bonehead (blue wax /200)
Binah "Hallucinating in resurrecture" - Me Saco Un Ojo (blue wax)
Black Angel "Rites (demo)" - Nuclear War Now (/250)
Black Angel "Satanic rites in Brasil" - Uku-Pacha Productions (115/333)
Black Citadel "Relics of forgotten satanist wisdom" - Amor Fati (/150)
Black Citadel / Funeral Altar split - Infinite Darkness (65/150)
Black Jesus "Black Jesus saves" - Hells Headbangers (red wax /150)
Black Vul Destruktor "Beyond time and the portals of death" LP - Blood Harvest
Blasphemic Cruelty "The devil’s mayhem" - Nuclear War Now (red wax/100)
Blasphemous Noise Torment "Ancient insignias" - Temple Of Abomination
Blessed Offal "Dreaming dark dementia" - Black Mass/Blood Harvest
Burial "Unburied discography" LP - bootleg (grey wax)
Byyrth "Saviors of armageddon" - Iron Bonehead
Cadaveric Fumes "Macabre exaltation" - Blood Harvest
Carved Cross "Demo I-III" DLP - Skjold
Castleumbra "Cthulu wgah nagl fntagn" - Nuclear Winter (one sided)
Chaos Invocation "In bloodline with the snake" - W.T.C. (brown wax /100)
Church Of Misery "Houses of the unholy" DLP - Rise Above (clear wax)
Claws "Absorbed in the nethervoid" - Doomentia
Creeping / Glorior Belli split - Necroterror
Crucified Mortals / FaithXTractor split - Hells Headbanger
Crucified Mortals "Converted by decapitation" - Reaper Metal/High Roller/Crush Until Madness/Hells Headbangers
Cthonic Aura "Abyssic reflections in slumber" one sided 12" - Me Saco Un Ojo/Doomentia
Dawnfall "Dominance of darkness" - Final Agony/Iron Bonehead
Deathcult "Pleading for death…choking on life" - Me Saco Un Ojo (red wax)
Delirium Tremens "Thrashing warthogs" - Merciless
Denouncement Pyre "World cremation" - Hells Headbangers
Desaster "666 - Satan’s soldiers syndicate" - Iron Pegasus
Desaster "Angelwhore" - Iron Pegasus
Destruktor "Nailed" - DLP Hells Headbanger (w. back patch 27/111)
Destruktor "Nuclear storm" - Hells Headbangers (w. cut out inverted cross /66)
Devil "Time to repent" - Soulseller
Diabolic "Force Old school attack" - Dark Sun (w. OBI)
Die Hard "Evil always return" - Agonia
Dødsengel "Mirium occultum" DLP - Terratur Possessions
Domains "Sinister ceremonies" - The Sinister Flame
Encoffination "Amen" - Psychedelic Lotus Order (one sided /100)
Encoffination "Elegant burials for the unknown dead" - Debemur Morti
Encoffination "O’ hell, shine in thy whited sepulchres" - Selfmadegod (white wax /111)
Encoffination "Ritual ascension beyond flesh" - Psychedelic Lotus Order (w. OBI 46/250)
Erebus Enthroned "Night’s black angel" - Blood Harvest
Essenz "Kviitiivz - Beschwörung des unaussprechlichen" DLP - Amor Fati (white wax w. patch)
Essenz "Metaphysis" - Amor Fati/Iron Bonehead
Essenz "Mundus numen" - Svart (grey wax)
Evil Angel "Unholy fight for metal" - Blasphemous Underground
Evoke "Forever breeding evil" - Nuclear War Now
Evoke / Mordbrand split - Me Saco Un Ojo (green wax /100)
FaithXTractor / Crucified Mortals split - Hells Headbangers
Farscape For those who love to kill" - No Colours
Father Befouled "Morbid destitution of covenant" - Blood Harvest
Father Befouled / Helcaraxë split - Enucleation
Faustcoven "Rising from beneath the earth" DLP - Nuclear War Now (clear wax w. patch + sticker)
Faustcoven "The halo of burning wings" DLP - Nuclear War Now (clear wax w. patch + sticker)
Fleshpress "III - The art of losing all" - Kult Of Nihilow
Fleshpress "Pillars" DLP - Rusty Crowbar
Fleshpress "Wörm dirges" - Parasitic (red wax)
Fōr "Blakaz askō hertō" - Iron Bonehead
Fōr / Garotting Deep split - Iron Bonehead
Funeral Altar "Demo I & II Skjold (private press 29/50)
Funeral Altar "s/t" Skjold (/150)
Funeral Altar / Black Citadel split - Infinite Darkness (65/150)
Garotting Deep / För split - Iron Bonehead
Gates Of Ishtar "At dusk and forever PLP - Invasion
Goat Semen / Anal Vomit DLP - Osmose
Graveyard "Into the mausoleum" - Antichristian Front
Grenade "The howling damned" - Hells Headbangers
Hades Archer "The curse over mankind" - Blood Harvest
Hadez "Aquelarre" - Iron Pegasus
Hatespirit "Blood & poetry" - Altare LP (84/141)
Helcaraxë / Father Befouled split - Enucleation
Hetroertzen "Ain soph aur" DLP - Lamech/Terratur Possessions
Hetroertzen "Exaltation of wisdom - Through light towards chaos Lamech
Hooded Menace "Never cross the dead" DLP Doomentia (gold wax)
Huata "Atavist of Mann" DLP - Throatruiner/Boue/Duplicate/Psychedoomelics & Odio Sonoro
Ice Dragon "The burl, the earth, the aether" - Stone Stalion (white wax /150)
Il’Ithil "La’winde" - Psychic Violence
Impiety "Paramount evil" - Agonia
Impiety "Ravage & conquer" - Blood Harvest (/300)
Infernal Curse "Awakening of the damned" - Chalice Of Blood Angel
Ketzer "Satan’s boundaries unchained" - Kneel Before The Masters Throne LP
Kever "Eon of cycling death" - Me Saco Un Ojo (clear wax)
Kill "Inverted funeral" - Obscure Abhorrence
Kill "No catharsis" - Burning Churches/Obscure Abhorrence
Kongh "Counting heartbeats" - Sound Devastation (brown wax)
Kongh "Shadows of the shapeless" DLP - MusicFearSatan
Korihor / Abigail split - Hells Headbangers
Korzus "Mass illusion" - Devil Discos
Kratherion "Necrouroboros XXXIII" - Blood Harvest
Krüel Kömmando / Appalachian Winter split - Final Agony (/100)
Krüel Kömmando / Total Genocide split LP/7" - Final Agony (/150)
Krypts "Open the crypt" - Detest/Me Saco Un Ojo (red wax)
Krypts "Open the crypt" - Detest/Me Saco Un Ojo (test press)
Krypts "Unending degradation" - Me Saco Un Ojo/Detest
Kult Mogił "K+M+B" - Gravplass Propaganda/Revelation Ov Doom
Kythrone "Kult des todes" - Diabolist Services
Lampir "The alchemy of cursed blood" - Temple Of Wounds
Lantern "Below" - Dark Descent (brown wax)
Lantern "Subterranean effulgence" - Helvetin Levyt
Lethal "Annihilation agenda" - Blood Harvest
Lie In Ruins "Swallowed by the void" - Nuclear Winter
Lord Of Putrefaction / Mortal Remains split - Nuclear Gore
Lucifericon "Brimstone altar" - Blood Harvest (marble wax)
Lucifericon "The occult waters" - Blood Harvest
Manticore "Bowels of the holy annoint us in evil" - Hells Headbangers
Manticore "For rats and plague" - Hells Headbangers
Manticore "Ritual cleansing of the whore" - Breath Of Night/Merciless
Manticore / Grave Upheaval split - Nuclear War Now (grey marble wax w. 2 patches)
Master Of Cruelty "Spit on the holy grail" - Blood Harvest (blue wax)
Melektaus "Nexus for continual genesis" - Australis
Merciless Death "Realm of terror" - Heavy Artillery
Miasmal "Demo 2008" - Detest/Nuclear War Now (/250)
Miasmal "s/t" - Me Saco Un Ojo/Detest (grey wax)
Monastery / Anarchus split - Slap A Ham
Morbosidad "s/t" - Nuclear War Now
Mr. Death "Detached from life" - Agonia
Necromessiah "Antiklerical terroristik death squad" - Hells Headbangers/Blasphemous Underground
Necrosadist "Abstract Satan" - Blood Harvest
Necrosemen "And all shall be smitten by fyre" - Blood Harvest (one sided)
Necrovorous "Funeral for the sane" - Blood Harvest
Necrowretch "Putrefactive invasion" - Me Saco Un Ojo/Detest (white wax)
Noctambulism "Resurrection of the dead" - Dark Recollections
Nocturnal "Arrival of the carnivore" - Deathstrike
Nocturnal "Thrash with the devil" - Deathstrike
Nominon "Monumentomb" LP/7"- Blood Harvest (/200)
Nominon "Terra necrosis" - Blood Harvest
Nuclear Magick "Priests of the bomb" - Iron Bonehead (31/199)
Nun Slaughter "Christ massacre" - Hells Headbagers
Nun Slaughter "Hate your god" - TPL
Obeisance "Lucifer master" - Merciless
Obliteration "Necropsalms" LP/7" - Duplicate
Obscure Infinity "Dawn of winter" - Rats On The Cemetery
Occultus "Nuctemeron" - N:C:U
Ordem Satanica "Ventos de ódio" - Altare (92/167)
Order Of Orias "Inverse" - W.T.C. (blue wax /100)
Organismos "Manejos invisibles" - Me Saco Un Ojo (blue’ish wax)
Pa Vesh En / Temple Moon split - Iron Bonehead
Pagan Rites "Mark of the devil" - Iron Pegasus
Panteon "Septum" - Final Agony (/111)
Pek "Preaching evil" - Nuclear War Now
Perversor "Cult of destruction" - Nuclear War Now (yellow vinyl w. patch + sticker)
Perversor "Demon metal" - Hells Headbangers
Phantom Witch "s/t" - Heavy Artillery
Poisonous "Perdition’s den" LP/7" - Blood Harvest
Portrait "s/t" - High Roller
Predatory Light / Vorde split - Psychic Violence/Fallen Empire
Procession "The cult of disease" - Iron Kodex
Prosanctus Inferi "Pandemonic ulutations of vesperic palpitation" - Hells Headbangers (red wax w. patch)
Prosanctus Inferi "Red streams of flesh" - Nuclear War Now (red wax w. patch & sticker)
Pyre "Ravenous decease" - Blood Harvest (one-sided)
Riddle Of Meander "End of all life and creation" - Excesor Christianorum
R’lyeh "Back to the cult" - Dark Recollections
Sabbat "Evoke" - Hells Headbangers
Sabbat "Karmagmassacre" - Iron Pegasus
Sabbat "The Dwelling - Melody of deathmask" DLP - Iron Pegasus
Sadiztik Impaler "Sadiztik Syonan - To supremacy" - Oscure Abhorrence
Satanic Ripper "Southern black spells" - Blood Harvest (clear wax /100)
Scythian "To those who stand against us" - Blood Harvest
Seidr "Frostbreed" - Skjold
Sempiternal Dusk "s/t" - Dark Descent
Serpent Ascending "The enigma unsettled Blood Harvest
Serpent Obscene "Chaos reign supreme War Anthem
Shackles "Traitor’s gate" - Hells Headbangers
Shroud Of The Heretic "s/t" - Blood Harvest/Craneo Negro
Sodomizer "The dead shall rise to kill" - Horror
Sonne Adam "Transformation" - Imperium (clear wax /100)
Spearhead "Decrowning the Irenarch" - Total Metal (clear wax w. patch + sticker /200)
Spearhead "Theomachia" - Agonia (clear wax /100)
Spetälsk "s/t" - Carnal/Blut & Eisen (clear wax)
Stench "In putrescence" - Agonia
Strike Master "Up for the massacre" - Iron Bonehead/Blower/Metaleros
Teitanfyre "Morbid death’s sceptre" - Blood Harvest
Terrorama "Horrid efface" - Nuclear War Now
Terrorama "Omnipotence" - Nuclear War Now (burgundy vinyl w. patch + sticker)
Terrorama / Adorior - Nuclear War Now (gold wax w. patches)
Throneum "Bestial antihuman hell" - Worship Him
Throneum "Deathmass of the gravedancer" - Hells Headbangers
Throneum "Old death’s lair" - Sombre LP 2001
Throneum "Pestilent death" - Apocalyptor (Splatter vinyl /100)
Toxic Holocaust "Evil never dies" - Nuclear War Now
Trench Hell "Southern cross ripper" - Hells Headbangers
Tyrant Goatgaldrakona "Horns in the dark" - Blood Harvest (Red wax /100)
Tyrant Goatgaldrakona "Sign of Moloch" - Blood Harvest/Temple of Abomination (one-sided)
Valkyrja "Contamination" DLP - W.T.C. (Purple wax w. poster & patch /100)
Vanhelgd "Church of death" - Nuclear War Now
Vanhelgd "Praise the serpent" - Nuclear War Now
Vanum "Burning arrow" - Psychic Violence
Vanum "Realm of sacrifice" - Psychic Violence
Void Of Silence "Human antithesis" DLP - Blut & Eisen (Green/black wax /100)
Voids Of Vomit "Veritas vltima vitae" - Blood Harvest
Voids Of Vomit / Morbid Upheaval split - Iron Tyrant (clear vinyl in cloth bag /50)
Vond "The dark river" - Dark Dungeon Music (Signed)
Vorde "s/t" - Fallen Empire/Psychic Violence
Vorde / Predatory Light - Psychic Violence/Fallen Empire
VRPI "Vexilla regis prodeunt inferni" - Abyssmo/Onslaught/Iron Blood Death Corp/Craneo Negro
War Master "Pyramid of the Necropolis" - Torture Garden Picture Company (blue wax w. test press cover, sticker, patch + gig poster /55)
Witchburner "German thrashing war -
Witchgrave "The devils night" - High Roller
Wounded Kings, The "The shadow over Atlantis" - I Hate
Wounded Kings, The "In the chapel of the black hand" - I Hate (grey/black swirl /222)
Zarathustra "Dogma antichrist" - Undercover
Zarathustra "In hora mortis" - Agonia
Zarathustra "Perpetual black force" - Undercover
V/A - Barbaric Onslaught Decious Production
V/A - New Age Of Iron New Iron Age
V/A - Sodomaniac Tribute - In The Sign Of Sodom Hells Headbangers

Blood Incantation - black LS size M
Necrot - black tee size M
Nuclear Death black LS - size XL
Nuclear War Now "Oakland Crew" black tee size M


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