Murder Ballads tråden

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Re: Murder Ballads tråden

#21 Post by EHG » 06.12.2017 22:33:40

Well the raven is a wicked bird
His wings are black as sin
And he floats outside my prison window
Mocking those within
And he sings to me real low
It's hell to where you go
For you did murder Kate McCannon

When I first met TomMcCannon
I was working in the mines
Said he had himself a dark haired daughter
With long, green eyes
When she and I did meet
She was bathing in the creek
Prettiest girl in the whole damn holler
That ain't no lie

So I went a courtin' Kate McCannon
Got me a job and I quit my ramblin'
And every day I'd save
A quarter of my pay
I could buy a diamond ring
Lord and one day I come home to find
My darlin' angel's not inside
So I made for the creek
Where she and I did meet
And found her with some other lover
And I put three rounds into Kate McCannon

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Re: Murder Ballads tråden

#22 Post by martinmosh » 06.12.2017 22:38:50

Damerne får også lige en chance for at slå ihjel

Judge you want to hear my plea
Before you open up your court
But I don't want no sympathy
'Cause I done cut my good man's throat
I caught him with a trifling Jane
I warned him 'bout before
I had my knife and went insane
And the rest you ought to know
Judge, judge, please mister judge,
Send me to the 'lectric chair
Judge, judge, good mister judge,
Let me go away from here
I want to take a journey
To the devil down below
I done killed my man
I want to reap just what I sow
Oh judge, judge, lordy lordy judge
Send me to the 'lectric chair
Judge, judge, hear me judge
Send me to the 'lectric chair
I love him so dear
I cut him with my barlow (?)
I kicked him in the side
I stood here laughing o'er him
While he wallowed around and died
Oh judge, judge, lordy judge
Send me to the 'lectric chair
Judge, judge, sweet mister judge
Send me to the 'lectric chair
Judge, judge, good kind judge
Burn me 'cause I don't care
I don't want no one good mayor
To go my bail
I don't want to spend no
Ninety-nine years in jail
So judge, judge, good kind judge
Send me to the 'lectric chair
Porno og Turtlenecks!

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