Michael Tolkin's The Rapture (1991) i Husets Biograf 11/02

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Michael Tolkin's The Rapture (1991) i Husets Biograf 11/02

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The Rapture (1991) vises i Husets Biograf her på onsdag d. 11. februar.

"...not until Michael Tolkin's "The Rapture" has there been a movie to seriously consider what the end of the world might be like, if the biblical prophecies turn out to be literally true. Here is one of the most radical, infuriating, engrossing, challenging movies I've ever seen...."

"The Rapture is not ostensibly a horror film, but I found it deeply frightening, and it is so on a purely conceptual level. There are visceral frights, but these intend to verify Sharon’s premonition. And this is the film’s most terrifying aspect, that her paranoia — her fear for the entirety of mankind — is correct."

"Complimenting the elegant script and powerful acting is excellent filmmaking. Bojan Bazelli's cinematography beautifully captures each scene. Whether it is the harsh reality of Los Angeles, Sharon's newfound peace in suburbia, or the barren desert, the camerawork and lighting underscore every note to heighten the film's overall effect. Just as impressive is the score by Thomas Newman, which could just as easily find its home in a horror film..."


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