The Monoliths - S/T LP og 0% - God Hates Young People LP

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The Monoliths - S/T LP og 0% - God Hates Young People LP

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The Monoliths - S/T (MRLP28)
The Monoliths are the sound of teeth chewing on gravel - a relentless and
unwavering grinding machine spitting out noisy punk roars in your face, mouthful
after mouthful.

On their self-titled album debut James Deen Dragon, P. Lizzard and Colonel
Dickhead are bolder than ever digging into doom inspired heaviness, chaotic and
full throttle noisiness and brash, melodic 80’s punk.

The album cuts to the bone like a ragged knife leaving a sharper edge and
cleaner cut in the production on the 10 tracks produced by Morten Bjerggaard
(Cola Freaks, Tumor Warlord) and mastered by Peter Peter .

After releasing their cassette tape debut 'National Anthems' back in 2013 and
collaborating with Aarhus punks Fright Eye on a couple of split cassettes in 2015,
the album debut sees the Copenhagen trio building upon the raw and dirty sound
of their previous releases while managing to transgress the boundaries of
traditional punk and noise territory.

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0% - God Hates Young People (MRLP29)
Every song has its essence so why fuck with it? On their album debut, the Copenhagen
three-piece 0% leaves the mumbling and fumbling around to the indie kids and goes
straight for what it’s all about: Releasing punk and garage rock songs oozing with vibes
that will force you to nod your head and dive into that always tempting mosh pit.

Whether you just love that more sluggish, brown and worn out punk rock or is expecting
a smack on your shiny face, 'God Hates Young People' provides. Not afraid of digging
into either dusty rock ballads or moments of chaotic metal the album shows a band with
a wish to push beyond punk and rock conventions without forgetting those instantly
intuitive songs.

Despite releasing their album debut don't expect newcomers to the scene. Peter
Bonneman played in the notorious Danish punk bands Amdi Petersens Armé and Gorilla
Angreb, Per Gerhard is part of the dope pop/punk rock duo Yahowa while Peter Larsen
just released a debut album as part of the noise punk trio The Monoliths, also out on
Mastermind Records.

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