The Home Current: Civilian Leather album ude nu paa Castles In Space

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The Home Current
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The Home Current: Civilian Leather album ude nu paa Castles In Space

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Hvad Norman Records sagde:

Here comes the new one from the Home Current which is the project of Danish national Martin Jensen and the first thing to strike me is that there's vocals on opening track Confetti. Looking at the sleeve notes it seems to be the pipes of everywhere man Oliver Cherer - he gets where water won't that lad. The track is great in a kind of early 80s synth pop manner with some really nice violin/viola sneaking into the mix. It segues nicely into Sharing Senses Still which reverts back to the previous instrumental the Home Current stuff with nice retro synths on a track which would work well on an early Ghost Box release.

What Jensen has tried to do here is explore different tones and textures of electronic music already I'm getting the vibe that every track is going to be of a different hue. From the house-y pulse of Pleasure Puppets to the soft Boards of Canada waft of When Moon you can tell that this has been made by someone with a deep knowledge of the history of electronic music.

Much of the record is enjoyable rather than exceptional with the vocal led Confetti and Leave Your Fears standing out above the herd. On the latter vocalist Anna Bronstod lends a touch of class with her breathy high pitched delivery. It's an excellent piece and raises the bar of the overall quality. That's not to say of course that the instrumental pieces are lesser - they just appear more homespun, less polished. There's highlights a plenty on the Aphex ish skitter of Tin Foil Express and the early Human League clank of closer 7.18am exemplifying that he album is a kind of love letter to electronic music with an enthusiastic charm to it throughout. 8/10

Hvad Louder than War sagde:

Martin Jensen releases his brand new album under the Home Current moniker via the Castles In Space label. Simon Tucker reviews for Louder Than War.

In the music world there are these wonderful moments when everything aligns perfectly. The end result is just as it should be. Changing a single element would throw everything out of sync. Civilian Leather is such a moment. Martin Jensen’s latest has been released via the independent label Castles In Space (who recently released the latest Visage Pâle album Holistic Love) which is the ideal home for the kind of idiosyncratic synth drama Jensen creates. Nick Taylor’s artwork manages to capture the sonic landscape within. Then there is of course the music itself which is the ultimate marriage of synth-pop creative touches and more outsider electronica.

Civilian Leather hides among its DIY identity an acute attention to detail. Listen to the harmonious melody that appears in electro-chic groove number Pleasure Puppets or the perfect phrasing of Anna Brønsted’s vocals on Leave Your Fears a song that manages to carry a dreamy beauty through it whilst anchoring the piece in a piece of dance friendly melancholy.

What makes Civilian Leather really work is Jensen’s ability to combine the cold stark minimalist aesthetic of early synth pioneers like Chris & Cosey, Yazoo, or Human League to the warmer embrace of the following acid house explosion. You can hear the dual ideals running throughout a song like Panzer Fever which feels like the sounds that New Order would have made if they had continued to follow the path laid down by Movement. This is followed by the Radiophonic dreaminess of Tin Foil Express and the heavier experimental tinges of Above Before.

Civilian Leather feels like a newly discovered album from that 70’s-early 80’s explosion in post-punk electronic music. It has a distinct sense of time and place yet there is never a moment where you feel you have “heard it all before”. The opposite is in fact true as what Jensen has done is taken the main aspects from that era and formed a new language with the myriad parts. Much like an author writing a new novel set in a certain moment in time, Civilian Leather is a new telling of a new story set in an earlier period of history. If you love electronic music and the magic it can weave then this is the album for you.

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