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Re: Arcade Fire

#61 Post by La Mouche » 01.08.2017 23:19:07

HAHAHAha, det lød ellers meget som tidlig 1980er white-boy wannabe rap i mine ører.

"Every piece of negative criticism that I’ve read of the record mentions that I rap on a song, which is just not true, unless people don’t know what rapping is. Unless, like, Bob Dylan raps, I do not rap on an Arcade Fire song. It’s not a thing that happens. But it’s just kind of like a phrase that’s been copy-pasted from one initial thing from like six months ago, and it’s just kind of the nature of how this stuff works. It’s been really interesting to see, like, this becomes the truth. Some pseudo-fact becomes common knowledge, when everyone who knows what rapping is knows that me saying the days of the week is not rap. It’s not what rap is. But if you repeat it enough, then it’s true."--Win Butler ... rap/video/

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