The Babblers (Bonnie "Prince" Billy)

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The Babblers (Bonnie "Prince" Billy)

#1 Indlæg af Morten » 17 dec 2010 20:28 ... ?id=335508

The Babblers (or Bonnie "Prince Billy & The Cairo Gang, however you want to look at it)
The Neighborhood Theatre
Charlotte, NC, December 3rd 2010
1st Set (second set is here: ... &id=334392" target="_blank)

Will Oldham, vocals, guitar
Emmett Kelly, vocals, guitar
Angela Olsen, vocals
Ben Boye, keyboards, accordian
Danny Kiely, bass
Van Campbell, drums

The first source was recorded by my friend Ryan, who has uploaded many Dime BPB recordings and
has generously agreed to let me post his Babblers recording here.

taper: stagscousin
location: approximately 25 feet from stage (row 5), right of center
equipment: edirol r09 (internal mics, 16-bit, 44.1khz, lo gain, bass cut on, rec lvl 24)
– sd card trans to pc (wav) – dbpoweramp music converter (flac, medium compression)
Cool Edit Pro for track breaks

The second source is incomplete and recorded by me.

Source 1:

1. [room ambience]
2. Are You Deceiving Me?
3. Come Down Here
4. Dead Dying Gone
5. Stand Up
6. Lonely Man
7. I Really Love you
8. Sun Shine Down On Me
9. I Confess
10. Sweetheart
11. Shaking Hands With The Sun
12 My Mind's Joined Forces
13. It's My Mind
14. Love Together
15. Happy Homes/It Really Doesn't Matter
16. We Know Who We Are

Source 2:

17. I Confess [cut in] *
18. Sweetheart *
19. Shaking Hands *
20. My Mind's Joined Forces *
21. It's My Mind *
22. Love Together*
23. Happy Homes/It Really Doesn't Matter *
24. We Know Who We Are *

*= Source 2: Recorded dead center 3rd row.
H2 Zoom Hand Held Recorder>16 bit Wav>Cool Edit Pro (for track breaks only)
same source as : ... &id=334392" target="_blank

Opening for Bonnie "Prince" Billy at The Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte,
NC was the mysterious band "The Babblers," which turned out to be, for those of us
lucky enough to get to our seats by 8:10, the same line-up as Bonnie's main set.
Everyone was wearing pajamas as they tore through the Kevin Coyne & Dagmar Krause
masterpiece "Babble" in its entirety, which, to those who hadn't heard it yet (clearly
99% of the audience), quickly won over the crowd. I only recorded "I Confess" to the
end, as I was having technical problems, but my friend Ryan (who has uploaded countless
BPB master recordings) captured the entire set, and you have, for your enjoyment,
both of our recordings here. I hope you buy Bonnie "Prince" Billy recordings in all their
formats, and the Kevin Coyne & Dagmar Krause "Babble" album, though hard to find, is easily
available on Itunes for $9.99 . I bought it after attending this show because it has clearly
inspired these amazing musicians. If you download this and enjoy it you should do the same
because it's the right thing to do.


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